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food chart

Food chart for 7 months old baby

At seven months old, your baby is ready for some important developmental milestones  like sitting up, teething, etc.During this time, though you have already introduced solid foods, breast milk/formula milk are also still essential for your baby’s growth. It is...

food chart

Food chart for 6 months old baby

See also: The arrival of your little bundle of joy is one of the most treasured blessings of life. At the same time, you may feel overawed at the thought of nurturing the little one perfectly and ensuring nothing goes...

benefits of music education

7 Powerful Benefits of Music Education for Kids

My 6 year old daughter inspired me to write this post as I clearly see the difference music education has made in her life. So I want to spread the word and let people know of the amazing benefits of music education...

teaching kids to pray

Teaching kids to pray- 7 simple tips

Should you really teach your child to pray? Well, check out the difference between a praying child and a child who does not pray and you will get the answer. Yes, teach your child two things and you have taught...

baby safety

The ultimate Baby Safety guide for baby safe home and play

Baby safety is the biggest concern of every parent.Small things can make a big difference for your baby’s safety.Here is a complete list of baby safety measures at home and for your baby’s play time. Baby Safety – Safety at...

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