How to soothe a fussy baby at night….

Ten ways to Instantly Soothe a Fussy baby at Night..

What can be more distressing for parents than seeing their newborn cry intensely at night and being at a loss to know why it’s happening?  It’s a situation that understandably causes panic and extreme agony, as your fussy baby cannot speak up nor give a clear hint. Well, if that happens to your little one, at the outset, it would be important to find out if it is because of minor discomfort or a health problem. If you are sure that there’s no serious cause for concern and the baby is experiencing mild discomfort or restlessness, you can make her/ him calm down and sleep peacefully in some time.

Before following the tips and expert techniques to calm a crying baby given below, it will be helpful if you first observe your baby closely to see if it’s a small issue causing problem and if can be tackled easily. For instance, you need to check to see if the baby’s nappy is soiled and in need of a change,if baby is  feeling too hot or cold or got an insect bite.

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If none of these are bothering the baby nor a health concern is there, you can try the following time-tested techniques to comfort your fussy little baby:

Try “Shushing” and Rocking your Fussy Little Baby:

This technique can have an instant calming effect on your baby, who probably needs just your gentle touch and soothing presence.  Try holding her/ him face down on your hand and softly rock from side to side while shushing gently. This should calm your baby before it’s too long and also induce sleep soon.

Make the Baby Sleep on Side :

Babies experience uneasiness in stomach like gas, indigestion, etc. rather often, which makes them cranky. What you need to do to is lay the baby on the left side, which relieves even grown-ups of stomach disorders like magic. Once the baby stops crying after you do this, make her/him sleep on the back to catch up on full sleep.

Wrap her/ him in a Soft Blanket:

Doing this is also called swaddling, a traditional practice that has been followed for generations. Swaddling is known to make babies feel warm and secure, just like they did inside mother’s womb. Make the baby lie down, secure her/ his arms by the side and tie the blanket all over snugly and wait for a few moments to see its effect.

Create a Dim, Quiet Environment:

Switch off big lights and keep all things noisy and loud at bay in the baby’s room. Put on a bulb with very low power and make sure the room is cool and quiet before you take your little one inside. once there, rock the tiny one gently, tell a little story (even though it won’t be understood!) and sing a song or a lullaby. Chances are, it will make the tiny tot feel comfortable enough to doze off in a few minutes.

Give some Milk to Drink:

Try feeding some milk to the crying baby as she/ he may just be hungry for some reason,hence fussy. It is perfectly alright to try that as the baby will simply refuse to drink milk if she/ he’s not hungry, so you can try using other alternatives that prompt calmness and sleep.

Wear your baby:

Yes, you read it right. You ought to ‘wear your baby’ and walk around which does wonders to a crying baby. Wearing your baby basically means the parent wearing a baby carrier in which you place your little one and carry her/ him around wherever you go. that way, both of you stay close to each other most of the time. Carrying babies in a carrier has a soothing effect on them as they feel the warmth and tender care all through and are under the loving watchful eyes always. At the same time, care has to be taken that the baby does not get over-dependent upon being carried everywhere, so they remain independent and calm in various situations.

Keep Screen time at Bay:  

TV, computer and smartphone emit blue light that is almost as bright and stimulating as daylight. Keep these gadgets away from your new born as it recreates an impression and feel of daytime. As a result, the baby may not sleep enough throughout, and become cranky and tired.  

Create White Noise-like Environment:

A baby is accustomed to definitive sounds even before birth, while in the womb. Babies are exposed to sounds of a thrusting heart, blood flow and other bodily noises that occur within in the womb. A number of devices and gadgets that recreate this noise, or white noise, are available. You can even opt for recorded version and play it to induce the resultant serenity.A  study published in 1990 the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that white noise could be helpful.Out of  forty newborns that were  studied,  80 percent were able to fall asleep after five minutes of hearing white noise.

Distractions and Activities that Attract work too:

You can soothe a fussy baby by singing a sweet song, dancing a bit and simply embracing her/him and rocking gently for minutes. You can even take the baby out for a walk or a drive, as fresh air induces sleep among babies. Another thing you can do is gently stroke the baby’s forehead at the left side for a few minutes, which will make her/ him feel cosy and sleep off.

Arm yourself with these tips and get set to get cozy with your little one!

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