Adorable Baby Shower Gift ideas for the Baby and Mom!

Are you looking out for adorable, yet useful baby shower gift ideas for your loved one’s? Well, finding a perfect baby shower gift could be a daunting process given the scores of baby products and baby shower gift ideas on the web. Picking a gift for a loved one’s birthday, wedding, festival or a party is easy and fun. However, buying a gift for the baby shower India of a soon mother-to-be may not be all that simple. Of course, you can manage something alright if you have to, but if you’re feeling a tad uncertain and would rather read through some tips, worry not, as help is at hand. Check out the following helpful and very sweet baby shower gift ideas for the soon-to-be mother and the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas For the Soon-to-Arrive Baby:

Baby Shower Gift Basket:

A very practical and useful assortment of little necessities in an adorable basket, you can be sure your gift will be appreciated greatly. You can pick and choose baby utilities like diapers, newborn baby clothes, bodysuits, onesies, booties, baby wipes, and footie pyjamas to name a few.  Plus, burp clothes, soft toys, pacifiers, blanket…phew… there are so many baby articles for you to choose from you’ll be sweetly overwhelmed. You can use your instinct and pack whatever you feel will be useful for the new parents, as this is a time when useful articles that come in handy are much needed.

Adorable Articles to Create Memories:

Besides daily baby essentials, why not gift things that record and preserve memories of the arrival of the new member? The parents to be will remember you for the uniques and wonderful gift you had given for preserving their precious memories. Think about making a small extra effort by gifting a memory book, baby books, album and colourful diary to serve the lovely purpose? You can also gift a kind of a visitors’ diary in which loved ones can write in something for the baby that will touch hearts.

Personalised Gifts:

If you are an expert at creating lovely handmade craft items, now is the time to make full use of your skill. Why not make a lovely handmade blanket that can be knitted, painted or adorned with decorative material? You can also stitch baby clothes, booties, bibs, caps, carry bag, mittens, leg warmers, stretchable headbands and more yourself and add a touch of warmth. Personalised gifts can also be procured from gift stores.

For Sprucing up the Little One’s Home:

How about gifting some lovable articles that will make the little one’s surroundings come alive? Lovely nursery décor, baby medicine cabinet, tiny boxes and drawers and bags with pockets having the cutest animation characters, teddies, bunnies and the smiling sun painted or printed on them. These exquisite articles can be combined with something you are planning to gift the mom!

Toys and Baby Essentials for the Little One:

A lot of innovative, adorable and safely designed toys are now available for you to choose for the baby. You can gift bath accessories, newborn baby carrier, stroller or crib which the new parents will find immensely useful. Newborn babies start seeing things around them in a range of up to 10 inches and can also distinguish sound patterns in a few weeks. So gifts like soft toys, rattle, light and sound toys, music box, newborn baby musical toys will gradually but surely come in handy to keep the baby happy and entertained. If the parent’s travel and chances are that the baby will tag along too, a travel crib, travel changing mat, diaper bags and baby-friendly travel bag will be of great use to the family.

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-be

The soon to be mom would understandably be excited and may also be a bundle of nerves. Well, it’s time for you to make her feel happy and at ease. Gifting her something that she’ll find useful and make her feel special like a will do her a world of good. At the same time, you need to take care that if this is her second or third baby, she may already be having a few things, which need not be repeated.

A Fancy New Mommy’s Wardrobe:

Practical, handy and stylish wardrobe elements like a feeding gown, comfortable pyjamas and robe, and also accessories like soft slippers, headbands and blanket will make the soon-to-be mom feel very comfortable and warm. You can pick and combine what you like out of these or pack them with some baby gifts to make it a complete set for the occasion.

Gift Certificates:

This will give the new mom, and also dad, the luxury to buy precisely what they need as per the situation. A gift certificate will make things much easier and convenient for them, and they will thank you for it from the bottom of their hearts.


A mother who’s an avid reader will be delighted at the mere sights of books gifted to her at this point of time. Whenever she can snatch a little time out of her busy schedule, she’ll be happy to read a nice book or two. You can gift baby books, manuals, bestsellers, books by her favourite writer, latest launch, magazine subscriptions and more that will win her over.

Spa Gift Card:

Let the mom-to-be now or later pamper herself a bit. Gift her a nice spa gift card which she can use as per her convenience, as it will really do her a world of good and feel better.

Grocery or Home-Made Food Delivery:

Wouldn’t a thoughtful and caring gesture like getting supplies like grocery or home-made food delivered at her doorstep make things much easier for her, not to mention give her more time to spend with the baby? She’ll just love you for being so kind and wonderful.

We bet you are now all set and ready to go shopping and planning for the lovely occasion.

Which of the above ideas did you like best? Do let us know in the comments. Also, you may suggest more ideas to add in the post. After all, we are buddies, aren’t we?


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