7 all time favourite activities for 4 to 6 year kids

At 4 to 6 years of age, kids show real curiosity about the world. They will ask you lots of questions and would like to show what they can do, like hopping or skipping, reading, gymnastics etc. They have a longer attention span. They can engage themselves for short periods of time.

Most popular games and activities for 4 to 6 years old child-

 1.Play dress up-

Take some old clothes from your wardrobe and play dress up or pretend. Children simply love to dress up as their favourite characters like Cinderella, Batman or maybe just even their dad or mom.

2.Art and craft-

At this stage, you can also introduce scissors; baby safe ones till the age of 5.Give them old magazines and newspapers to cut out. Non-toxic glue, play dough, paper quilling are also fun articles that they can use to explore their creativity.

 3.The MASK-

Make a simple mask by drawing a face on a paper plate cutting out the eyes. Attach the paper plate to a wooden spoon. Let the child draw different characters for the mask.

 4 to 6 years Art activities

4.Stories for life-

Play audio stories read a story and ask the child to guess what happens next. Read to your child. Its time to make them understand the use of phonics and improve their vocabulary as they will have to read by themselves soon.

5.Dice games-

Dice games that are simple to understand can be introduced at this stage. Snake and ladder are the easiest and one of the favourite games that children love to play.


6.Sand play-

This is fun for 4 to 6 years kids as they love to explore nature and engage with it. It’s so much fun playing in the sand, building sandcastles and feeling the cool sea breeze. Take your child to a beach and let him have fun in the sand.4 to 6 years activities

7.Bead it, build it-

Threading beads on to a string of cotton to make ornaments is also what the child would love to do. Get out the blocks and ask him to show you how high he can build the tower.

8. Puppet show

Unleash their verbal potential and improve language skills by staging a puppet show with their own dialogues, concepts and stories. It will improve their creativity and their stories could give you insights into their thoughts.

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Author’s note-Throughout this post, the pronouns “he” or “she” refers to both the sexes, except where a topic applies specifically to a boy or girl.


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