Reading aloud to children-7 powerful benefits

The Importance of Reading Aloud to your Child

Reading is a wonderful habit and a hobby that must be pursued not just by grown-ups but also by children. Reading stands anyone who takes to it in good stead as it has the power to mould one’s intellectual and cognitive abilities, and life in entirety.

Inculcating the habit of reading in children is one of the best gifts parents can give them. It is a proven fact that children who pursue reading do better at school, turn out to be sharper and in due course of time attain success in life. One of the most effective ways to get children to develop interest in reading is by reading aloud to them, which is known to do wonders and make a positive difference in several ways.

Understandably, parents of small children feel greatly concerned and worry whether their child will develop the habit of reading. They are more than willing to take every measure to get their child to take interest in reading. Well, they need not worry so much, as reading aloud to children effectively helps them cultivate the habit of reading in them. To know the importance of reading aloud to your child and when and how to get started, read on…

Why you should Read to your Child

Reading aloud to your child nurtures several foundational skills in them right from a young age. It provides a conducive ambience to develop the following abilities by working at multiple levels:

  • Stimulating Creativity and Imagination:

    Reading aloud to children kindles curiosity and develops their imaginative powers. It is a wonderful shared activity that initiates exchange of views and explore things together. It also develops a close bond among the parent and the child as together, they enter a new world of fantasy, information and learning that good books offer.

  • Developing Fluency in Language and Building Vocabulary:

    Reading aloud generates more opportunities to develop language skills and learning new words for children. It is concerned with active listening, which is one of the most important aspects of effective communication. It is also a great way to develop pronunciation, voice modulation and expressiveness as parents naturally infuse reading with soulfulness into what they are reading with their children.

  • Aiding Memory:

    Its’ a fact that we remember what we hear better as there’s involvement of a higher level of sensory perceptions; it goes beyond just recognising words with eyes and involves recognition of sounds.

  • Developing Love for Reading:

    Parents who read aloud to children demonstrate their love and interest in books, which inspires them to read actively as well. They also appreciate their parents for taking out time for them and putting the effort they put in for them.

  • Improving Speaking Skills:

    Children who listen attentively to their parent while reading become better at speak They also become more familiar with the right pronunciation and intonation which enhances their speaking abilities.

  • Controlling Stress:

    Reading aloud to children .helps them overcome stress and anxiety they may be experiencing as the presence of the parent is reassuring for them. They can also find solutions to their problems as reading broadens their thought process.

  • Encouraging Audio Learners:

    Those who learn more through listening are audio learners. They tend to understand and learn things better as they are better with comprehending things through listening.

How to Read Aloud to your Child and When to Begin

There’s no bracket you have to confine yourself to while deciding when it is the right time to start reading to your little one. Babies can recognise words and comprehend sound patterns before they are six months old. Therefore starting early is definitely a plus point as there’s no limit to what and how much they listen from you.

Also, reading to your child every day is highly recommended. It also inculcates a sense of discipline and punctuality in them, and they look forward to being read to daily by you.

As your child grows older, ask questions based on what you read to gauge their level of understanding and to explain what they do not understand. It will be like groundwork for studies they are going to pursue in the coming times.  Of course, you will have your own experiences and discoveries too as you proceed, which indicates that reading aloud to your child is enriching for you as well.

You will also build a better bond with your child by reading aloud to them as you’ll be sharing various slices of life together.

So make sure you keep some time aside for reading aloud to your child. You’ll surely find your reading aloud time very relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time!


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