What Is the Best Parenting Style? A Closer Look

Did you know that there are four different parenting styles? Are you wondering what is the best parenting style?

Each approach will have a different effect on your relationship with your children. Furthermore, your parenting style will impact your child’s life in every aspect, from how they do at school to how much they trust you.

Do you want to learn about the best parenting style out there? If so, you are in the right place. Read on to learn all about authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and neglectful styles.

Authoritarian Parenting 

Authoritarian parents believe that children should always follow their rules. This parenting style puts a lot of emphasis on obedience, punishing, and shaming. When punishing, they are very strict and don’t consider a child’s thoughts or feelings.

This approach focuses on punishments as opposed to encouraging better choices. Children who grow up with authoritarian parenting tend to be good rule-followers. Yet, this discipline and respect for authority come with a price. 

Children of authoritarian parents develop self-esteem issues. Also, they often feel like their opinions about situations are not valued.

Authoritative Parenting 

Authoritative parents focus on having a good relationship with their children. So, they always consider their kids’ thoughts and feelings while parenting. 

Authoritative parents have rules and enforce them. However, they always have sound reasoning behind every consequence they present. 

These parents will try to prevent behaviour issues before they happen. So, they don’t always focus on the negative. Instead, authoritative parents reward and reinforce positive behaviour to encourage growth and learning.

Whether parenting or stepparenting, following this approach can make your kids trust you. Children raised with this parenting style tend to be happy, successful, and good at decision-making. Overall, this approach will make you have a better parent-child relationship

Permissive Parenting 

Permissive parents tend to establish rules without ever actually enforcing them. These parents often act more like friends than authority figures. They don’t give out a lot of consequences and have a laid-back approach to parenting. 

Children of permissive parents tend to ignore rules. In addition, they might have behavioral problems when dealing with authority.

Neglectful Parenting 

Neglectful parents don’t show much interest in their children’s lives. They rarely ask any questions about their whereabouts and don’t spend much time getting to know them. 

These uninvolved parents let their children fend for themselves. In addition, they tend to provide them with very little outside of basic needs. Children with neglectful parents might struggle and develop serious self-esteem issues. 

Bottom Line: Best Parenting Style

Raising children is a personal experience. So, what might work for you and your children might not be the best approach for another family.

However, the authoritative approach might be the best choice. This style lets your children feel secure, happy, and have a healthy understanding of rules and boundaries. 

Furthermore, it teaches them the difference between right and wrong. Because authoritative parents put a lot of effort into having a good relationship with their children, it is the best parenting style out of the four. 

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