The Genesis of Mommy’s Magazine-My blogging story

Getting a wonderful platform like to share your experiences makes you feel really happy and enthused. That’s because this is the place  which gives you visibility to readers across the globe. That’s what I have been able to achieve after stepping onto this blogging journey.I had not the faintest idea that creating to share my experiences,knowledge and understanding of being a mother with soon-to-be mothers will bring me here. It’s a humbling experience to write about my growth from a busy mom to the creator of Mommy’s Magazine. And I can’t help saying that my baby, (figuratively of course!), was born (indeed!) in a really fascinating and beautiful manner.

Step-by-step Signposts that Shaped Mommy’s Magazine

Being a Professor for management studies and commerce has always come with its own set of assumptions and expectations. Conventional belief says that writing and interest in creative pursuits is not my territory. Blogging is not something that can come naturally to a person who teaches very ‘practical’ (even so called ‘dry’) subjects. However, I think otherwise; I’ve always been confident of my capabilities as a writer.

By the time I was about to give birth to my first and more so my second baby, I’d become very passionate about learning about pregnancy, child care and parenting. I’d read loads of books on these subjects and
gained in-depth knowledge about them. By then I realised I was passionately keen on blogging and sharing my knowledge with soon-to-be mothers and, in my own way, do something good. But, there was a hitch, and that was limited knowledge of technology.It was something that couldn’t be compromised upon in today’s technology-driven world. I knew I was at crossroads and didn’t know which way to go…

Why I Chose to Blog on Motherhood and Parenting

To plunge into the vast ocean of creative writing (blogging) on the Internet, I realised, is the best way today to reach out to readers. At the time of my second delivery, as I was already familiar with the medical terms, procedures and relevant information (in fact, I was requesting for so much of pertinent information about my delivery that doctors actually thought that I must have worked as a medical professional in this field!).
The amount of information I’d acquired (which wouldn’t be useful for my personal use in future!), I felt, shouldn’t go wasted. So I thought, why not share it with others through a vast public platform, which can benefit others? The idea of writing blogs thus occurred to me, and I decided to establish my own website post-delivery.

The Breakthrough

It was in May 2018 that my new dream started taking shape. I started with writing and posting blogs on the popular Blogger platform. I felt the need to diversify more, so I thought of shifting to my own website.
But being a non-technical person meant the sailing was not so smooth for me. I realised that I need sound technical knowledge to proceed towards my goal. So I started talking to people who were proficient in technology and turned to the Internet.
I started watching videos on making websites yourself (some on making your own website in 10 minutes flat!). In fact, I watched close to 50 such videos, and while I was watching a video, I created my own website then and there and got hosting at GoDaddy ,a very popular web-hosting site.It was June 10, and I’d started through the Blogger platform on May 28. It was like a milestone that still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about that moment.
That done, I soon bought a professional SSL certificate which provides blogging security and various features that are valuable for professional bloggers. I started writing on newer topics of interest on the paid website. Soon, my blogs were getting approved on Google within a month.To my pleasant surprise, my blog got approved for AdSense on 10th July ,2019,that was within a month of starting my blogging journey. I was happy as I had read that Google approved AdSense only on sites that are quality sites which are at least six months old.

Web Hosting

Next followed a flurry of followers and readers reading and appreciating my blogs. I was so happy as I felt I had realised one of my most cherished dreams, which was of sharing my knowledge with expectant mothers and soon to be parents.

Now I have shifted my web hosting to SiteGround. Find out why here:Why I shifted to SiteGround -The best Web Hosting provider?
Web Hosting

Family and friends supported me in my endeavor, which motivated me to keep striving. I consider this as an achievement.

The Road Ahead

The indicators of initial success for me were the rankings that I was scoring on Google. In the beginning, I was ranked at 9 million globally and within two months, my ranking rose to 2 million. I also have overall ranking of 66 on a major platform’ Indiblogger’.

I wish to go higher and outdo whatever I have managed so far. For me, it’s all about connecting with people and sharing my knowledge with as many people as I can.

At this point, if I may share a word of advice; it would be that the best way to move forward is to take up every challenge, no matter how daunting it seems. For me, it was near lack of technical proficiency.If I had let that overpower my will to achieve my goal, Mommy’s Magazine wouldn’t have been there. I thought up of different solutions to overcome this hurdle. Watching Youtube and taking suggestions from knowledgeable bloggers helped me tide over the problem. So if you are pursuing your passion or thinking about starting your own blog, but feeling stuck and feeling you cannot attain it, worry not. Stay focused, seek guidance from people who are knowledgeable (I’m sure you know quite a few) and go ahead with whatever you can do by thinking out-of-the-box.

Success, as they say, will truly be yours.

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