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Don’t Fit in, is finding a way to stand out from other brands and communities. They found a way to have a one-of-a-kind collection by spotlighting children and their differences.

Don’t Fit In works with children to design their very own custom piece of clothing interviews them and shares it with the world. This not only allows the audience to learn more about what makes them unique but educates the audience as well. This gives the children a chance to shine, the excitement of creating something all on their own and sharing it with the world.

Don’t Fit In plans to do a lot more in this space and has worked with Noah North, who has Autism and Calvin Sorensen, who has Dwarfism. (pictured above)

Don’t Fit In is an up and coming brand and community founded by a mother-son duo with a Rebellious Spirit and an Innovative Soul. In 2020 Courtney North and her Son Sawyer (6 years old) came together to create a brand with a message that could help kids and families across the entire globe.

dont fit in

After seeing so many kids feeling isolated and feeling as though the world as they knew it was crashing down. As well as the constant pressure of how society thinks “you should be” they put their heads together and came up with their signature slogan: Don’t Sit Still. Don’t Fit In. – inspiring others to continually grow and embrace your true authentic self.

With Sawyer’s innovative mind and love for drawing, he came up with their first design; a lightning bolt (simply because it never sits still and is always different) after combining it with the tagline, they began launching their Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt Collection.

Courtney always felt like an “Alien” simply feeling out of place in Utah and with the love they both shared for space and aliens they knew an alien would be the image of their brand.

dont fit in

That is how Don’t Fit in was Born.

Don’t Fit In’s clothing is not only cute and comfy but each item has an important meaning behind it. The clothing you wear should represent what you believe in.

That’s not all, Courtney North launched her very first children’s book this year called, Beenz and Peace Find Their Happy Place, available on Amazon.

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Beenz the alien is unique. With his cool hat, funky clothes, and one big front tooth, he’s the friendliest and funniest alien around. With his trusty dog, Peace, Beenz loves to explore his home planet of Saturn, where everyone seems a little bit the same and a little bit different. That is until one day when people begin asking Beenz where he’s from. “You can’t be from Saturn. You’re too different.” Feeling unhappy, Beenz sets off on a quest to find his happy place – a place where he isn’t different, where he belongs.

Join Beenz and Peace on this funky space adventure as they discover that often, what you’re looking for is much closer to home than you imagined!

This book supports Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Confidence, Happiness and Being Different!

People want more than just a t-shirt and Don’t Fit In is not here to do anything typical, they plan to bring their unique ideas to life and we cannot wait to see what comes next for them.


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