Top activities for 1 year to 18 months old toddler

At 1 year to 18 months,toddlers are either crawling or walking. They want to investigate everything; to pull and push things, open and close them etc. They have no sense of danger and you must be close by at all time. Attention span is limited and you are still an essential playmate.

Most popular games and activities for One year to 18 months toddler

 1.Rhymes and action songs-

Sing nursery rhymes and action songs to your baby .Play her familiar music and repeat the nursery rhymes. You will be surprised to see that your little

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one remembers the rhymes and actions very well. Be ready for a wonderful performance just when you don’t expect it.

2.Hide n seek- 

Hide and seek is one of the most popular games to be played at this age. Since your baby can walk now, she will enjoy playing it even more than before, as she gets a chance to hide behind furniture and send you on a searching spree.You can also hide some toys under the blanket and make sure she sees where you put it.Help her to find it over and over again.

3.Doodle it-

Give your child some crayons and a paper to scribble on,or a doodle pad to scribble on.Make  sure she doesn’t put the crayon in her mouth.


4.Push and pull-

Pull along and Push toys are enjoyable at this age for your baby. Make sure you keep an eye on her in case your baby loses her balance.

5.Sorting fun-

Look at models and  pictures of animals, fruits together and help your child to identify them. Show your child how to put shapes into sorting boxes .Talk about their size, colour ,shape and praise her when she does it correctly.

7.Block builder-

Encourage your child to play blocks. Blocks help in developing your child’s creativity. Simple blocks can be used rather than expensive ones, as at this age a child may lose interest in a particular game very quickly.

8.Rock star-

Toy musical instruments are also ideal at this age as your child will enjoy discovering the different sounds by pressing buttons on musical toys. It will

help to develop your child’s interest in music which is very important for brain development, particularly spatial reasoning.

Image courtesy-Shannon Mcgee,trevormccallin ,Studio Alijnvia  via flikr creative commons license,some rights reserved.

Author’s note-Throughout this post,the pronouns “he”or “she” refers to both the sexes,except where a topic applies specifically to a boy or girl.

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