Hi busy mommy,

Are trying to balance your career and motherhood? Time flies fast and even though you put in your best efforts at work and home, you don’t know what you have achieved. You are feeling happy, guilty, excited and depressed, all at the same time.If yes,

Welcome to the roller coaster ride-motherhood. The most challenging, dangerous (if you don’t tie your seat belts) and exciting adventure of your life.

Mommy’s Magazine will help you tackle the problems regarding parenting. You will find a list of age-appropriate games and activities, tips to tackle parenting issues, health and beauty care tips, time management and much more. You name it, you get it.

Feel free to ask your queries, give your comments, write a guest post and share your mom stories(Through the contact page).

About me

Hi, I am Swiddle D’Cunha, an academician and a mom of two little fairies.


Welcome to my Blog Mommy’s Magazine.

I am not a child psychologist, mystic or a gyani.I am just a busy mom, an imperfect parent and a curious researcher on a journey to make parenting a blissful, self-actualizing and learning experience.

Motherhood brought about paradigm changes in almost every aspect of my life -my personality, relationships, health (If you are a mother, you quite know what I am talking about). I have had my ups and downs as a mother (I wish babies came with instruction manuals)-lessons learnt, ’give- up’ moments, ‘common- I- need –some-me time’ moments etc. At the same time, I understood that a mother can make or break her family.

Also, while interacting with teenagers in my college, I realized that most of the teenage problems that we talk about these days find their roots surprisingly in family influences right from childhood, separation of parents and inadequate exposure to opportunities that can help build a child’s personality.

As a mother and an academician, I am responsible to raise happy and conscientious individuals. Thus began my quest for positive parenting.

With good parenting, we can do our part in building better individuals, families and helping our children to have a sustainable social environment.

So join me on my journey to make a difference in the lives of millions of mommys’ who care to believe that family is God’s masterpiece and we are on mission MOTHERHOOD.

Please feel free to share your mom stories and guest posts at Mommy’s Magazine (through the contact page or mommysmagazine@gmail.com).

For PR, advertising requests, mail me at mommysmagazine@gmail.com.

Hope to see you around.

Happy parenting!!!


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