5 tips to develop your child’s personality/Meaningful activities for children

The personality development activities suggested below will help you to understand your child’s secret language and will enable you to bond with your child. I do it all at home with my kids and I testify that they truly work if done consistently. As parents, we are responsible to raise happy and conscientious individuals.

Simple activities to develop your child’s personality-

1.   Meaningful art activities

: Ask your child to draw a picture of their heartfelt wish or their favourite family activities. This will give you an insight into their favourite family time and their creativity. Children can also be asked to draw thchild arte things they fear most of the things that they simply dislike. Sometimes children are not able to express in words their fears. Art helps them to express these secrets without having to be embarrassed.

2.Music training:

Music can do wonders for a child’s spatial reasoning and grasping abilities along with being a wonderful hobby. Gift your child a small play keyboard at their third birthday to create interest in music. I did so. Now my daughter is training for grand piano and she just loves her piano.

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3.Train your child for the stage

Give your child a mike and speaker to play with or sing with. Often stage fear comes from not being used to holding and using the mike. The amplified sound of your voice makes you feel uncomfortable and conscious on schild stage activitytage. Practicing speaking with a mike at home can help overcome this fear. You can then start making your child stage ready by letting them host small house birthday parties for their siblings and friends, having family time singing events in your home. I tried this with my daughter and now she is eager and happy to perform on stage…….whether it is singing, dancing, or hosting my little one’s birthday party.

4. Score it up

I found myself being pestered for slime by my daughter a few days back. Having realized that she didn’t take care of her toys because we got new ones for her whenever she asked(which was a big mistake we did), I decided to let her earn it. I allotted 5 points each for some chores and rules like cleaning the study room, being polite, finishing meals(that’s a tough task), etc. She had to score a hundred points to get slime. She did it all within a week(what a nice time I had). This helped me to make her understand the importance of money, time, and hard work. However, children need to enjoy their childhood. Do not use this activity for everything they ask from you. The haste to make them perfect individuals could steal the precious moments of love that they deserve and expect from you.

4. Reading

Once a reader, always a leader. Reading to your kids and making them read age-specific books can do wonders to your child’s concentration, vocabulary building, comprehension skills, and of course communication skills. Research provides evidence of the impact of reading on young children, shaping their social and emotional development in ways that go far beyond helpreading childing them learn the language and early literacy skills. The parent-child-book moment even has the potential to help curb problem behaviours like aggression, hyperactivity, and difficulty with attention, a new study has found. Older kids(4 years and above)can be given reader books that are easily available in the market. Reader books are a wonderful way to build your child’s confidence in reading.

The personality development of a child also depends highly on the parent’s involvement in the child’s day to day activities. Positive parenting is the key to raising responsible individuals.

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Happy parenting!


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