Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Girls (New-born to Teenager)

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Loving, caring and spreading happiness all around come naturally to girls. They give more than they take, shower unconditional love on near ones and don’t have expectations in return. No matter how big or little a girl is, she makes the world happy and so cheerful… So when there’s a special occasion such as a baby girl’s birth, a festival, a party or a chance to pay a visit to someone’s house who’s blessed to have a girl child, pick up a lovely, thoughtful gift the little one will love. After all, a baby girl deserves to be made to feel special, doesn’t she? However, if you are not too sure about what to gift her (girls can be a bit too particular and perfectionists at times!), you’d better gear up and do some homework before buying her something. Firstly, it’ll help if you have an idea about what the little one likes.

Have a look at the following gift ideas for girls from babies to early teens that will help you make the right choice:

New-born Baby Girls:

If someone you know is celebrating the arrival of a new-born baby girl, a set of pretty frocks, jumpers, tops and caps (all colourful and bright) will be very useful for the new parents. After all, new-born babies need frequent change of dresses, so your collection of baby clothes set will be of immense help. You can also add diaper bags, soft napkins, bibs and burp clothes to the set. Other practical and useful items you can buy for a baby girl are diapers, blanket, crib, baby carrier sling, nursing pillow, soft pillow or a baby stuff organiser. You can combine a couple of these items, gift wrap them and present it elegantly to the little diva!

Three Months to One Year:

For a slightly big baby girl who’s between three months to one year of age, you can be rest assured you won’t go wrong with pretty, comfy dresses for her as per the climatic conditions and weather. Other items you can buy for tiny girls in this age bracket are headbands, soft toy and blanket. At this phase, you can also consider soft shoes, caps, play mat and age (rather, month) appropriate toys for her such as a rattle and some colourful stuff. You can also consider gifting a baby stroller or an infant car seat to the parents so that paying a visit outside is comfortable for her!

One to Three Years:

For girls in this age group, the choices you will have will expand and go beyond dresses, toys, hair accessories, etc. You can now consider educational and learning toys, books, colours, drawing books, colouring books and more for her. The child must be going to a school by now, so a pretty school bag, stationery articles, water bottle and tiffin box will also make for a great gift idea for her.


Three to Five Years:

For girls between three to five years of age, apart from cute dresses, hair accessories et al., you can now graduate to activity sets, customised T-shirts bearing her favourite animation character and even a beauty set. This phase will see the emergence of the fashionista, as she will be very observant and clued in with what’s happening in the style scene. A nice watch, cooking set and other playthings will also find favour for her at this stage.  You’d better be extremely careful about what you pick for a girl this age, lest she rejects a gift with a dismissal frown or toss of head!

Five to Ten Years:

Again, dresses (stylish and latest fashion only, please!), stationery articles, sandals, shoes, bags, sling bags and books will be a hit with the pretty little lady. By now, it will be easier for you to get an idea about what she likes, and shop accordingly. A watch, art kit, jewellery kit, educational sets like do-it-yourself science kits will also be a great gift for her. And who said cars and automobiles are only for boys?  There are gals who like mean machines as much too. You can love browsing or these educational and activity sets for them as much as they will love receiving them!

Above 10 Years:

For girls who will be stepping into teens before you know it, go for presents like music players, a camera, jewellery and an adorable make-up set will also work wonders for her. This, apart from trendy dresses, jeans, shoes, purses and more!

Well, as they say, there’s no end to what you can buy for girls. At the same time, girls are ‘perfectionists’ too, so be very careful and choosy while buying anything for the princess. After all, they are just as affectionate, warm and giving, so a bit of effort is only fair.

Happy shopping!

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  1. That’s truly a nice post about gifting gifts to girls, my niece birthday is on 5th October, will definitely gonna buy gift suggested by you. Hope she will like it as I was confused about what to buy for her. Thanks


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