How to Wash Baby Clothes the Right Way

The baby apparel market is expected to grow to $82.54 billion by 2027. New parents will receive an influx of these adorable baby clothes. Next comes learning how to wash baby clothes.

From choosing detergent to deciding whether you’ll wash your baby’s clothes separately, a lot goes into washing baby clothes. We’ve compiled the top tips for getting those tiny clothes clean. Read on to learn how to tackle your baby laundry.

To Pre-Wash or Not to Pre-Wash

No matter if the outfit your baby will wear is new or used, you will want to wash it before use. Hand-me-downs are great, but you don’t know what might be on the clothes. Wash these outfits to avoid any irritation from foreign detergent.

New clothes are often treated with chemicals and should be washed before your baby wears them. Clothes have had a whole life before arriving in your home. They have come from factories and warehouses where you don’t know what they’ve come in contact with.

In short, always wash baby clothes before dressing your little one.

Choose a Detergent

You might be wondering if you can wash your baby’s clothes with your usual detergent. Babies’ skin is much more sensitive than adult skin. It can react negatively to the chemicals in traditional detergent.

Search for a baby detergent or one that is free from common irritants. Suitable detergents for babies tend to have the labels free and clear. This means they don’t have harsh chemicals and fragrances to irritate delicate baby skin.

A good detergent will also keep your clothes looking new. Protect your new clothes, like those from manatee baby clothes, from fading by choosing a good baby detergent.

How to Wash Baby Clothes: A Step-By-Step Guide

You can choose the wash your baby’s clothes separately from the family’s or combine them. It is less work for you if you combine loads. Be sure to switch the whole family over to free and clear detergent before doing so.

Before washing, always check the clothing label for washing instructions. Some clothing needs extra consideration when washing. Sleepwear, for instance, tends to be flame retardant and should be cleaned according to the instructions.

Place Velcro items like bins in a mesh laundry bag to prevent the snagging of other clothing. You can also put tiny baby socks in these mesh bags so they don’t get lost. Don’t overload the washer as it creates extra friction, and clothes wear quicker.

Most baby items can be washed in warm water on a normal cycle. Babies with skin issues like eczema may benefit from running a double rinse cycle. It will remove any lingering detergents from the clothing.

Stain Treating

Baby clothing often comes with stubborn stains. It is best to treat these right away, so they don’t set in. Like your detergent, be sure your stain remover is gentle for baby skin.

If you can, rinse the mess with cool water and apply your stain treatment. Let it sit, so it has time to work. Check that the stain is gone before drying the clothes, otherwise, the dryer will set the stain.

Ready to Tackle Your Baby Laundry?

Now you know how to tackle your tiny mountain of baby laundry. When you know how to wash baby clothes, laundry is less overwhelming.

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you did, read more on the baby section of our site.


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