How To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special – Best Birthday Celebration Ideas

No other day can be more joyful and exciting than your kid’s birthday. It is the day of celebration, fun activities and lot of chocolates. But, if you are new to birthday celebrations, the process can be a bit of a mystery. Though planning a birthday is not rocket science, you need to look out few things before thinking about birthday celebration ideas  –

Your Budget

You must calculate your expenses. Make a budget for everything, right from birthday location, theme, invitation to catering. Making a budget ensures that you are spending under limits.

Location & Birthday Theme

Often people celebrate birthdays at home but, it largely depends on the number of guests. If you are expecting more people to come, you must choose a different location. There are many restaurants and hotels that provide venues for birthday celebration. Moreover, when planning your kids’ birthday party another very important thing to consider is the birthday theme. Do some brainstorming, as birthday celebration ideas are endless when it comes to party themes. A theme can be related to your child’s favourite toy or a game, a cartoon character, a sport, favourite colour, cartoon movie or a celebrity.

Food Menu

Make sure that the menu you are going to select for the birthday-party is something that caters to kids and adults alike. Chips, hot dogs, snacks, sandwiches, cookies, crackers and ice creams are an all time favourite with kids. Having a barbecue or a steak  is also a great idea.

When you’re done with beforehand preparations, it’s time to think about birthday celebration ideas. Here are few ideas that can be included in the party –

Fancy Dress Party – This is for kids below 8 years. Kids can come dressed like their favourite cartoon character, comic character or any actor. Imagine how exciting to see someone dressed in Cinderella, Superman and Spider man.

Magic Show –  What else can excite kids other than a magic show! You can arrange a small show including traditional magic tricks with things like cards, matchstick, coin and rope.

Balloon Celebration – Fill candies and small gifts into balloons and ask kids to burst them. They will be overjoyed to get candies and goodies.

Musical Chair Party – Traditional yet entertaining. The musical chair consists multiple chairs placed in circle with one chair less than participating persons. Music plays and kids start revolving around chairs. Once the music stops, everyone has to occupy a chair, the one who misses out will be eliminated and the game will continue till the last kid gets his chair.

Disco Party – Music and dance is always fun. Disco themed birthday celebration ideas are not just entertaining but they give you freedom to move your body. Allow kids to enjoy dancing and playing in disco lights.

Dumb Charades – It can be funny any day. Ask kids to guess the name of movie, animal or anything by just acting and facial expressions.

Animal Antics – This is a great game to play if you have an animal themed party, but its lots of fun no matter what theme you have. It works particularly well if you have lots of children to entertain. What you need to do is whisper the name of an animal into each child’s ear, making sure you give each animal name to at least 2 children. On the count of three, your guests start behaving like their animal (using noises and actions), and try to find a person in the room behaving the same way.

Balloon Burst – The kids will bop a balloon in the air while dancing to music. When the music stops whoever was the last person to touch the balloon must pop it and complete the challenge inside.

Freeze Dance – Turn up the music and have the kids show off their moves, but when the music stops everyone must FREEZE! Anyone who gets caught moving when the music is off must sit out until the next game.

Whispers – The players must whisper a difficult phrase to the last player in the row. Usually when this phrase comes to the last player it is distorted or gets changed. This one is fun and entertaining. Kids are arranged into a line. The last kid standing in the line will be given a difficult phrase to whisper into next kid’s ear, for example-Ted’s toolbox fixes Fred’s friend’s Ford. Then the next kid will whisper it into other kid’s ears and game goes on till it reached to the first kid. Usually when this phrase comes to the first player it is distorted or gets changed.

Children really enjoy playing games, so make sure you have lots of party games planned out for your kids birthday parties. These games will keep the fun going and keep children entertained. Add some famous kid’s games in your party, which will make your party extraordinary and special.

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