Top Activities for 6 months to 1 year old baby

At this time babies generally take their first steps while holding onto furniture, holding on to an adults hand or pushing a baby walker. They can also understand basic instructions and will recognize familiar objects, pictures and faces.

Best games and activities for 6 months to 1 year –

1.A band of my own

Give your baby objects that can be banged together or on the floor; a wooden spoon, a pan, spatula and lids are excellent to start with. Let your toddler understand the cause and effect relationship of the impact and sound.

2.My basket-

Put some blocks or toys in a basket or box. Show baby how to empty the basket and fill it up again. Praise your baby when the task is achieved.


Hide your face behind the curtain and play peek-a-boo. Hide behind furniture or hide your face behind a pillow. Show up after some time. This will help your baby to understand that even if she cannot see you, you are there for her. She will be able to overcome separation anxiety with this activity.

4.Groove to the music-

Put on some music or sing to the baby. Show her how to clap in time to the music. You may want to dance or groove to the music. Go ahead. Do it. Your baby will enjoy taking her first dance lessons from you.

5.Mirror mirror on the wall-

Babies love to see their reflection in the mirror. Look at your baby‘s joyful and quizzical expressions and enjoy this phase of motherhood.

6.Copy me-

Encourage baby to copy you by waving, pointing to her nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Help your baby to identify parts of the body.

7.Fantasy world-

Look at board books

and talk about the pictures, stories characters, colours in the book. This will help in early vocabulary development and let your baby have a look at the fantasy world in the book. Let the baby help you to turn the pages.

 8.Let’s play catch-

Sit with your baby on the floor and roll a softball around or simply play catch with a softball or play with a push along toy.

  9.Scrap for fun-

Collect empty boxes and shiny packaging for your baby to play with. Take some old newspapers and magazines and give them to your baby to scrunch it up. It will help to develop the pincer grasp. Collect pieces of spare fabric with different patterns, colours and textures for your baby to feel and explore.

Hope you liked the activities.

Happy parenting.

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