How to deal with Hyperactive kids?

Motherhood is a blessing and each child is unique. However, some children are quite different from others, extremely active, aggressive and disruptive. One of the common causes being Hyperactivity.Hyperactivity is a state of being unusually or abnormally active.It becomes very difficult to deal with hyperactive kids and make them understand.It could lead to difficulties in schooling,accidents, injuries etc.


According to Healthline,Hyperactivity can be caused by a number of mental or physical conditions.

The most common causes could be:

Some symptoms include –

  • Self-focused behavior
  • Outbursts of anger at inappropriate times
  • Lack of focus
  • Careless attitude
  • Forgetfulness etc. 


Treatments range from behavioral intervention to prescription medication. In many cases, medication alone is an effective treatment for ADHD.Since I am not a doctor,let me only explore what parents can do to deal with hyperactivity.

How to deal with Hyperactive kids?

1.Social Skills Training:

Not only hyperactive kids but all children should be taught some good values and importance of patience & tolerance. They should know how to deal with difficult children like ignore/escalate if any senior/peer tries to tease or try to bully them etc. They should have enough patience to wait for their turn and speak or react once the other person has finished. They should also understand importance of caring & sharing.  Anger Management  also should be taught .Children can be taught YOGA/MEDITATION  and they can start as early as 5. 

2. Parents support groups:

Support groups are great for helping parents of hyperactive children connect with others who may share similar experiences and concerns. Support groups can meet often to allow building relationships and support networks. Knowing you’re not alone in dealing with such situations can be a huge relief for many parents.

3.Channelizing Energy:

Hyper active kids are full of energy, in fact energy more than usual, we should try to channelize those extra energies into something fruitful like engaging them in sports or other co-curricular activities. Aggressive children should be involved in outdoor sports activity to vent out their anger and frustration to stay calm.Help them make use of their energy through physical activity.

4.Relaxation is Must:

Screen time for every child should be restricted or should be minimal. Children get more anxious and restless if screen time is not controlled. Take them out to green places/parks. Be patient,calm, take a deep breath be determined to calm him/her, and put his/her high energy levels to good use.


Music is also a great and unwind after school. Music helps to exercise both right and left  side of the brain at the same time. Thus, if brain is calm, kids can do multitasking and store information better.

6.Immediate rewards:

Use point system or other means to give  immediate rewards for good behavior or work. You can maintain a diary and start giving points for anything they did good as per your expectations and deduct points if they are behaving inappropriately. My dad used to do the same in my childhood. Trust me this approach really works and yields good results. 


For me ,this is the key of parenting, love and compassion should be an essential fuel for a growing child. Find quality time together every week to share a fun , pleasurable and relaxing activity. During this time together, you can look for opportunities to point out what your child does well and praise their strengths and abilities. This will make the bond stronger with your child, also the child would not feel lonely.

8.Happiness of success:

Children do not understand failure that easily. They want to win every time and I think they should win to gain confidence. We need to structure such situations that allows your child to find success. For instance, you might allow them to have only one or two playmates at a time, so they don’t get overstimulated or feel dejected/depressed or less confident out of losing everytime.Play with them and lose sometimes.Let them understand the euphoria of winning.

9.Stress management:

An underlying stress is always there with children.These days competition is high and so are parents’ ambitions.  Whether we deny or accept, we as parents in today’s times want our children to excel in studies or in some other activity like sports or craft. Use methods such as meditation, relaxation techniques, and exercise to help manage stress.

Hyperactivity is not a desirable trait. However, hyperactive kids are not ‘bad,’ they may just need a little more attention, patience, and activity to channelize their energy and thought-process. Always remember that there is a bright light at the end of every tunnel.

Happy Parenting!

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About the author of this article:

Meet Abhrekha Jain Sahlot, she is full of life, energy and enthusiasm and is a regular contributor to Mommy’s Magazine. A gold medalist computer engineer she has been working with top MNC for over 13 years nworking motherow.

 A doting mother of 2 boys ( Nabhanyu & Daksh Sahlot), life has given her various opportunities to explore and she seems to have taken best of everything. From singing, painting to acting, swimming and basketball, she has been into various co-curricular activities from artistic ones to the sports ones.

However, currently, she enjoys sharing her blessings with fellow women by addressing women and parenting forums and helping women in her capacity and spread message & the importance of being happy & content.


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16 thoughts on “How to deal with Hyperactive kids?”

  1. I agree with your points here, especially to limit the screen time and channelising their energies in right direction is equally important in the right kind of play. I have recently written a couple of posts on right play and its importance and how to limit screen time. Do drop in and share your thoughts.

  2. I agree with your points here, especially to limit the screen time and channelising their energies in right direction is equally important in the right kind of play. I have recently written a couple of posts on right play and its importance and how to limit screen time. Do drop in and share your thoughts.
    #TuggunMommyReads #MyFriendAlexa

  3. Very informative post
    I have a hyperactive kid and I have to always learn from him on how to handle in different ways as every child is different and needs a different treatment.
    All the points you mentioned are workable and helpful
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa


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