Best stress relief tips for busy moms

Are you trying to find some stress relief, but don’t know how to? Are you trying to overcome the guilt of being an insensitive parent and partner? You want to give your best to your family, but can’t find the time? Your kids describe you as angry, stressed out and always running around? Has your mood hit an all-time low? Well, you are probably stressed out.  But don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s time to get de-stressed.

These stress relief tips will get you out of this ‘phase’-

1.Identify the symptoms of stress-

High blood pressure, irritability, yelling, anger, mood swings are common signs of stress. If you experience any of those, try to imagine what your child must be feeling when you yell or get angry at them. Every time you feel like you are going to blast, take a deep breath and count to ten. It is a proven technique to help send signals to your brain to calm down. Look at your child, your mom mechanism will soothe you when you see the fright on your child’s face. Count to ten again.

2. Talk or write about it

Yes. If your partner is not around to talk with, talk to yourself.’ Self-talk’ helps to analyse the situation and reason out the possible consequences. Say for example, when you are angry at your child for making a mess on the carpet, say loudly how you did the same when you were small and enjoyed it. Say ‘it’s OK’ a few times to help you get control of the situation. You can make your child understand his/her mistake later. Some mommy’s like to have a personal diary to write in.

3. Simple breathing exercise-

Wake up early if you have to, but do a meditation exercise. This routine can help you de-stress more quickly than you think. It is worth a try. If you don’t know how to do it, try this video- and meditation-

Yogic exercises, breathing exercises and breathing techniques are popularly used for stress relief and overall feeling of well being. Though there are more rigorous Yoga exercises and techniques that you can do, here is a simple one for busy moms.

4.Find some ‘Me time’-

You just crave it but don’t take the required efforts to find some time for yourself. Let the house be messy for some time till you unwind. Do those errands a little later if you can. There is nothing more precious than you and your family. Your kids will love to have a happy mom rather than an organised mom. So chill out for some time and get the much-required stress relief.

5.Schedule your activities-

Manage your time efficiently to avoid last-minute rush and frenzy. You will be able to find time for yourself more often. Read more on how you can do it- Time management for working moms.

6.Just take a walk and enjoy nature-

You will be amazed to see that just gazing outside the window in your garden or into the starry night can do wonders to alter your mood. Take a walk, meet people, talk and forget about the stressful situation at the moment.

7.Listen to music-

Unwind and listen to your favourite number or turn on the radio. Groove to the beats or just chill on the sofa. Even ten minutes of music time can help you to de-stress.

8.Eat right-

A balanced diet, including fresh, unprocessed food, will provide vital nutrients to the body which helps find stress relief. The mineral Calcium is important in alleviating stress-related issues. Make sure you keep a check on your Vitamin D3 levels so that Calcium absorption is enhanced.


Outsource certain household jobs, if it won’t be heavy on your pocket. You will have more freedom and less stress.

Above all, don’t forget to laugh, as laughter is the best medicine.

And don’t forget, tough times never last, but tough people do.

You will get through it.


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