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food chart for 2 to 3 year 0

Food chart for 2 to 3 year old kids

Your toddler is growing fast and now needs a variety of nutrient rich foods to cope up with the developmental requirements. Also you will find that your little one has developed food preferences and...


Food chart for 1 to 2 year old toddler

Feeding a toddler is one of the most ‘challenging’ part of parenting.Appetites of young children can change from day to day or even time to time for that matter.Sometimes, your toddler will be hungry...

food chart for 8 monnths old baby 0

Food chart for 8 months old baby

At eight months of age, babies can gulp down soft mashed food and can even start chewing more solid foods.Your baby may have got a few teeth by now and her jaws are strong...

food chart 2

Food chart for 7 months old baby

At seven months old, your baby is ready for some important developmental milestones  like sitting up, teething, etc.During this time, though you have already introduced solid foods, breast milk/formula milk are also still essential...

food chart 0

Food chart for 6 months old baby

The arrival of your little bundle of joy is one of the most treasured blessings of life. At the same time, you may feel overawed at the thought of nurturing the little one perfectly...

teaching kids to pray 6

Teaching kids to pray- 7 simple tips

Should you really teach your child to pray? Well, check out the difference between a praying child and a child who does not pray and you will get the answer. Yes, teach your child...

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