Postpartum Weight Loss-Common misconceptions revealed

To begin with, you need to accept the fact that postpartum weight gain is a reality that virtually all women have to deal with postpartum weight loss, albeit in varying degrees. According to experts, a woman normally gains around 11 to 16 kg by the time she’s about to deliver. It’s perfectly alright to put on weight, but at the same time, you shouldn’t overthink and fret too much about postpartum weight loss too early. 

Understandably, you must be grappling with a whole lot of questions and doubts about the weight gained during pregnancy, how to lose it and how long it takes. If you’ve in the same situation going through the same dilemma, you need to take the first step right away, which is to take it easy and not hard. 

Here’s what you should consider if you are about to bring a new life in the world so that it’s a joyous, healthy and successful experience for you and everyone:

Postpartum Weight Loss Myths and Misconceptions Alert:


You’ll lose weight instantaneously/ eventually post delivery


Fact: Myth

 Postpartum weight loss isn’t an instant or impending occurrence over which you have no control. It’s not something for which you wait to unfold on its own nor fret over too much; you need to take a middle ground. Our bodies are basically different in most aspects, including for tendency to gain or lose weight. The ideal way to go about is to consult your doctor, start exercising right once you are comfortable (without rushing into it soon after delivery), rest well enough and eat right. In other words, you can’t do nothing for losing weight nor go overboard out of excessive concern about losing it.


You don’t have to wait for months after delivery to start exercising


Fact: True

While some preconceived age-old notions indicate that you need to wait for weeks, if not months, for your body to ‘tighten up’, you can begin with light exercising in a few days after delivery- if you had an easy, trouble-free delivery, you can start exercising after a week but would need to wait longer in case of surgical delivery. Your doctor will advise you when you can start with exercising and what kind of exercises you should begin with so you don’t face any risk. 

The more weight a pregnant woman gains during pregnancy, the healthier and stronger the baby is….


Fact: Myth

A woman has to ensure she’s not eating too little or too much in order to eat right. It’s important for her to consult her doctor about her diet as per her specific health condition and eat what’s prescribed to her, which could be lesser or more than what she expects.

Losing baby weight should be speeded up, like celebrities do


Fact: Myth

You shouldn’t hurry to lose weight like celebrities do to get back in shape within a few days (as early as a fortnight!). Rather, fact is that health experts disapprove of the rapidity with which celebrities lose weight and the way it’s publicised. They do more harm than good to themselves and you need to avoid doing it.

Breastfeeding leads to amazing weight-loss


Fact: Partially True

While most people recommend breastfeeding with a view to doing postpartum weight loss miraculously, it’s not entirely true. Breastfeeding does play a part in weight loss, but not to the extent that people believe it does. 


It’s ok to start exercising during pregnancy 


Fact: True

Even if you never really exercised before pregnancy, you can very much start it during pregnancy (as per doctor’s advice) in order to stay fit and have an uncomplicated pregnancy.Yoga and meditation helps stay calm and fresh during trying times .Regular exercise, yoga can help in weight loss.

Your baby and your life is too precious. Do not get obsessed with weight loss. Eat right, exercise,spend quality time with your baby to de-stress and you should be fine.But of course, any unusual weight gain should be observed and attended to by consulting a doctor.

Happy Motherhood!

Do share your weight loss experience, tips ,stories in the comments.

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