10 Kids Nutrition Facts You Need To Know

Raising healthy children can be a challenge. An even deeper challenge is established when trying to feed a family of 4+, cater to likes, dislikes, favourites, picky eaters, etc. All with the agenda of raising strong healthy kids free of disease or any health issues with the help of proper kids nutrition. Before you know it, you look up and your infants are now children hitting their growth spurts and eating you out of your house and home. The foods that we feed children are not only building blocks for their growth and development but also determinants for what they will choose to eat as they grow into their adolescent years. All aspects of health, physical, mental, and emotional, are greatly impacted by what we place in our bodies. As adults and parents, it is we who help expose healthy foods to our children in hopes of laying a solid healthy journey for their future relationship with food. While children will grow to do what they want and essentially eat what they want, having guidance at an early age serves a great benefit for their future relationship with food.

Here are 10 kids nutrition facts you need to know: 

  1. There is no perfect “diet” or way to eat– a healthy diet varies from one child to another. 2. Restricting foods can lead to children binge eating away from home. 
  2. Juices and sports drinks may lead to nutrient deficiencies. 
  3. Multivitamins for children can be very beneficial, especially for picky eaters. 5. Children mimic the eating habits that are seen at home. 
  4. Trying new foods expands your palate at any age. 
  5. Sometimes it may take up to 10-15 exposures for a child to like new foods or food combinations. 
  6. Parents’ dislikes can cause children to dislike the same food without even tasting the food. 
  7. Using food as both a reward and punishment can be detrimental to their future relationship with food. 
  8. Eating with distractions such as electronics causes children to overeat. 

Interesting right? There is so much to learn about food, nutrition, and kids. In all honesty, it is a long going process that takes patience, trial, and error. How do parents learn if they were never taught? Or if they too struggle in these areas?

In a technology-driven era, we would think Google and Siri could coach us through things as such. However, they can not. With that in mind, I (Earnestine Jackson, MS, RDN, LD) decided to create a course entitled Raising Healthy Kids 101. This course was created to guide and teach parents/guardians how to help their children adopt healthier eating habits and lose weight. Raising Healthy Kids 101 takes an anti-diet approach to healthy eating and weight loss. We believe in meeting students where they are and assisting them as they navigate through the challenges and obstacles faced with food & nutrition.

You will walk away from this course fully equipped with the mindset and skills to help your children lose weight, build a healthier relationship with food, grow new confidence, and build a healthier version of not only your children but of yourself and your family as well. 

Spots for this course are limited. Take advantage of our special and payment plan options by visiting www.allthingsnutrition.org/courses to learn more.

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