Why Sleep is of Key Importance for Kids?

Good sleep is of primal importance for kids and goes a long way in helping children attain overall development. It nurtures not only good physical and mental well-being but also enhances various other functions. Good sleep thus keeps children as well as grown-ups feel fresh, alert and attentive. At some point, all of us have missed out on sleep for a day or so due to some reason. As a result, we feel sleepy, lethargic and tired throughout the next day, which can be overcome only after catching up on lost sleep. Imagine the state a child would be in if she/ he does not get adequate sleep.

Apart from fostering good health among children, good sleep also:

Improves immune system:

Children who sleep well are known to have a stronger immune system. They have better resistance to ailments like flu, common cold and others. That’s why they enjoy better health and do not fall ill easily.

Boosts metabolism:

Lack of sleep is known to result in a higher body mass index, obesity and weight gain. It also results in sleep disorders like sleep apnea, tendency to crave for unhealthy food and lowering of resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the number of calories burnt by the body while resting. Kids who follow good sleep habits are therefore fitter and more active than those who do not.

Enhances memory and cognitive functions:

Healthy sleeping habits play an important role in aiding memory and improving the cognitive functions among kids. They perform well, are smarter and more competent at school.

Brings about hormonal balance:

Children go through hormonal changes at different stages while growing up. Being sleep deprived plays havoc with their health and results in hormonal imbalance, which is something to be avoided.

Children who sleep well are healthier, smarter and happier.

Health experts and child specialists therefore earnestly emphasise upon the need for parents to make sure their little ones sleep well.

How Healthy Sleep Habits can be Inculcated among Children?

Most parents complain how getting their children to sleep on time is a task for them. However, making kids sleep on time with discipline will not be too difficult if the following steps and effort are taken:

  • Create a schedule and be firm about the time fixed to go to bed.
  • Ensure the room is clean, silent and noise-free.
  • Bring all activities and distractions especially screen time that hamper sleep to a halt.
  • Make arrangements to keep pests, mosquitoes, insects etc. away.
  • See to it that the room is adequately cool as well as equipped to provide heat, as the situation demands.
  • Don’t allow screen time to your child before sleeping.
  • Make sure your child eats well and not too late- just before it’s time to sleep.
  • Cut out caffeine from their diet before bedtime.
  • Create a gentle, soothing ambience that induces sleep

Now that you are armed with these pointers that , it’s time you get your child to sleep better.

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