Enjoy Water Park Fun at Home this Summer

Are you missing pools and water parks this summer, given the covid pandemic situation? Why not create a water park in the safety and comfort of your very own garden or back yard?

Here is the list of ideas for you to set up your private water park

  1. Inflatable swimming pool

Inflatable pools for adults and kids can be set up in minutes, easy to store, and cost-effective. But a note of caution before you go for a new inflatable swimming pool, take note of the pointers below to ensure you have the best possible experience:

  • Set-up on good level ground. Your inflatable pool should be set up on a flat surface to ensure that the entire floor is supported evenly.
  • You will need to purchase an air pump if you don’t have one at home. Look out for air pumps with multiple nozzle attachments so that they can be used to inflate a variety of items in your Home.
  • Adult supervision is a must whether your child is swimming in a pool or playing in a small version suitable for small kids; know that it’s possible to drown in just a few inches of water.
  • Always drain water when done. Pools usually have a drain plug, which ensures easy and quick cleanup when taking the pool down. If pools are not drained completely, stagnant water will attract mosquitoes.

With the inflatable swimming pool, your kids can enjoy splashing in the water this summer in your very own backyard or garden.

  • Rain Dance

Hoist a shower sprinkler in the garden or tie a hose horizontally and prick some holes in it. Put on some music to dance on.

rain dance

  • Water Slides

Waterslide gives kids a chance to slide at once and allows them to interact and play around on it for hours of water fun! Less time spent waiting around for a turn- and more time spent sliding and having fun with family and friends. They can have races to see who’s faster, splash around or show off new tricks.

Water Slides

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  • Picnic

Lay out a mat or a beach towel in your garden and enjoy Fruits, sandwiches, shakes, juices and smoothies. Nothing can match an old school picnic idea.


  • Water Games

A water spray gun, Pool games for an inflatable swimming pool can do the trick in giving you hours of fun in the sun.

Water Games Water Games

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  • Sun Bathing

Pull out your recliners at home or lie down on a beach towel, Hammocks and get set to soak in the sun.

  • Dress right

The right attire adds to the fun, excitement and feels for enjoying the set-up. Make sure you are dressed up in swimwear or beachwear to enjoy every bit of your day out at your Home-based water park.


The above set-up is sure to give unlimited fun and family time in your Homemade water park. Make sure to click some photographs and store your precious family memories. This would also help your children get much-required break and picnic that they ever missed because of the pandemic.

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