The Vacation Bible School Planning Guide

Scientific studies have stated that people who practice faith live healthier, longer lives. Vacation Bible School is a powerful way to instill faith in children so that they can carry it well into adulthood. A well-planned Bible school program will impart spiritual beliefs and passion that are transformative.

If you’re stumped about how to plan your program, we have some key points for you to consider.

Here are some things you need to know about planning a vacation Bible school for the ages.

Create a Theme for Your Vacation Bible School

The theme is the big difference maker for your vacation Bible school. Having a cohesive theme sets the tone for the entire event and will allow you to have a strong foundation for what you are trying to teach.

These themes can revolve around biblical characters and their journey, daily devotionals that they can take you to their everyday life, deep dives into certain facets of the Bible, and so many others.

After you have a theme, start choosing colours, acquiring costumes, and planning out events around that theme. Consistency is king. Put some serious thought energy into your vacation Bible school mission statement, so that you can carry it out on every level.

Explore ideas for different vacation Bible school themes so that you can choose one for your event.

Plan out Plenty of Hands-On, Participatory Activities

Bible school should be a memorable milestone for your kids. Choosing stellar activities will help them socialize and bond with others while having the time of their lives.

Doing arts and crafts and enhance engagement and excitement during your vacation Bible school. Use games, biblical trivia, prizes, sketches and plays, musical performances, and more.

Having a good -old-fashioned church has its place on Sundays, but allow vacation Bible school to stay fun and high energy. When the activities keep the energy levels and bonding high, you will be better able to have productive teaching sessions as well.

Acquire Whatever Space and Help You Need

Vacation Bible school should be filled with play, different groups and stations, and access to props and equipment. This means you need to make sure that you carve out whatever space will accommodate you.

Book areas of the church or book a location off-site that will let you put together whatever activities you need to. Outdoor space is helpful so that the kids can run relay races or participate in carnival games.

Take the time to also put together the best team to help with vacation Bible school. You will need volunteers to lead the sessions, administer the games, serve the meals, and so much more.

Don’t forget about marketing when going through your vacation Bible school checklist. Use social media to get the word out, and consider hiring a marketing company to assist you.

Plan a Dynamite Vacation Bible School

The tips above illustrate some ways you can transform your Vacation Bible School planning and get an amazing turnout. This VBS planning guide is an excellent first step if you want the event to be a success.

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