9 Helpful Tips for First-Time Moms

Studies show that 90% of American moms feel overwhelmed with parenting. And it’s disappointing, but no amount of tips for first-time moms will 100% prepare you for life with a newborn baby.

You will never have experienced tiredness like it. You will ache, lose the motivation to do the simplest of tasks, and will forget what day it is. Of course, it’s all worth it, but it’s hard.

But with any huge life event, you are still better off being as prepared as possible. That way, you can feel confident and ready instead of guilty and panicked.

So, here are some new mom tips to prepare you for your brand new role as a parent!

1. Be Prepared With the Essentials

Everyone and their mother will have their own newborn tips and advice on what you do and do not need. But as long as you feel happy and confident with how prepared you are, that is all that matters.

But here are some of the absolute essentials you will need ready for your baby from day one:

  • Bassinet
  • Baby carrier
  • Cloth or reusable diapers
  • Blankets and clothes
  • Onesies and clothes
  • Feeding gear
  • Car seat and stroller
  • Pacifiers
  • Diaper bag

Sure, you will likely buy many more items like stroller toys, books, and nursery furniture. To save costs, buy some things second-hand from sites like Facebook Marketplace. But splash out on some other bits like cute baby bamboo clothes.

2. Get Organized With Meal Prep

Consuming healthy food is not about “bouncing back” to your pre-baby body or punishing yourself. Nope, it is about giving your body the fuel it needs to repair after a major turmoil and so you can look after your baby.

Though let yourself indulge in the occasional doughnut or two. You did birth a baby, after all.

When you are not single parenting, either you or your partner should set aside a couple of hours a week to batch cook meals you can freeze and reheat later. Chilli con Carnes, soups, and curries are perfect for this.

You could also organize a standing order delivery with your local grocery store so they deliver food at the same time every week. That way, you will never run out of the essentials like milk and bread. And you don’t need to find time to go to the actual supermarket, either!

3. Build a Routine Step-by-Step

One of the best tips for first-time moms is to, step-by-step, build a routine.

This does not mean you should have a routine down by the time your baby is 10 days old. But once your baby is a couple of months old, having a routine will help you feel like you know what you are doing.

After a while, you will have a general idea of your baby’s feeding, sleeping, and pooping schedule. Then, you will be able to schedule walks, meals, errands, and housework around the baby’s needs.

4. Wear Your Baby as Much as Possible

Babywearing is a natural way to hold your baby as it reminds them of being in the womb. Straight after birth, try and carry your baby in a carrier as much as possible as you go about your daily life.

This will enable you to get things done (i.e. drink a cup of coffee) without having to hold your baby in your arms all the time. Babywearing also strengthens the bond between the baby and the parent and results in a less-stressed child.

5. Take Care Of Your Breasts

Do you plan on breastfeeding? If you do, make sure you take care of those nipples! Or prepare to feel sore almost all the time.

When babies struggle to latch, they can cause cracked, dry, and/or even bleeding nipples.

One of the best breastfeeding mom tips is to wash your nipples and put a cold flannel on them after each feed. Make sure you massage and put a warm flannel on your nipples at regular intervals to stop your milk ducts from blocking.

6. Invest in New Mom Clothes

Even if your “pre-baby” body does return, you will want to wear some comfy yet presentable clothes straight in the weeks after you give birth.

Invest in some comfortable dungarees, cotton patterned trousers, and cozy knitwear. Layer your t-shirts to make discreet breastfeeding much easier and nursing bras are an absolute must-have.

7. Read the Best Newborn Baby Books

Your friends and family might have well-meaning and anecdotal advice that worked for them, but every baby is different. Make sure you get plenty of professional parenting tips and newborn baby tips from books like the following:

  • Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau
  • What to Expect: The First Year by Heidi Murkoff
  • Baby Bliss by Dr. Harvey Karp
  • The Baby Sleep Guide by Stephanie Modell

But even with the best advice in the world, no book will cover the quirks and nuances of every baby. Milestones are a guideline, not a rulebook.

8. Make Sure Dad Has Equal Baby Time

No matter how far society has come, there is still an emphasis on the mother being the primary caregiver. Regardless of whether you are in a mixed-sex or same-sex relationship, your partner should share 50% of the baby’s care.

Yes, even if they are the breadwinners. Every working mother will tell you that work became a welcome break when they became parents. So make sure the dads step up!

9. Do Not Be Afraid To Accept Help

Last but not least, if someone offers help then accept it with open arms. No, you do not need to accept your mother-in-law’s advice on co-sleeping. But if she offers you an afternoon of babysitting, take it!

The only way you can be the best mom to your baby is by giving yourself the self-care you need, too.

Use These Tips for First-Time Moms To Make Things Easier

Even if you use only a few of these tips for first-time moms, you will be a lot more prepared for newborn life than you were before. Make sure you are kind to yourself and savour every moment with your new bundle of joy.

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