Teach your child anger management during play with this game

It is normal for children to show some aggression or fight during play. But anger is a problem in a child’s play when the child is not able to see and respect the limits of the play.There are many things that parents can do ,to teach anger management to their children.However ,I particularly liked a wonderful game that I came across in Dr. Lawrence Shapiro’s book ‘The Secret Language of Children’.It is a simple game that teaches children to tune out the teasing and taunts of others.It is called ‘The Ignoring Game’.

Here is how you can teach Anger Management with this simple game:


The Ignoring Game


No. players

2 or more

What do you need?

  1. A deck of cards or building blocks (for younger children)
  2. A stopwatch or timer


3 minutes per player

How to play?

  • The youngest player gets to play first.He/ She attempts to build a card/block house for three minutes.
  • The other players verbally or nonverbally tease (abusive language not allowed) the player trying to build the house.This has to be continued for three minutes.
  • NO TOUCHING IS ALLOWED.If the other players touch the player building the house,the player automatically wins the game.
  • The player building the house gets one point for each card standing after three minutes (example. 3 cards 3 points).If the player building the card looks at the players who are teasing him/her, then he/she loses one point.
  • After three minutes, the next player gets to build the house of cards.The player to get maximum points is declared the winner.

What are you teaching?

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro designed this game to help children practice ignoring the taunts and teasing of others which is common during children’s play and is one of the biggest reason for aggression and fights.

This game is suitable for all ages above 4 years .Even teenagers can benefit from this game to learn anger management in different situations. It really works.

Do try it out and let me know your experience in the comments.

Happy parenting!

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