5 Family Staycation Fun Ideas with Tesalate Beach Towels !

Were we bored in the house during the COVID-19 lockdown? Not at all. During this pandemic, what dawned upon us was the fact a family vacation need not be at luxurious destinations or beaches always but could be enjoyed in the four walls of your house. After all, as long as we are together as a family having fun, the place doesn’t matter, right? This lockdown we got to know that the super cool looking Tesalate Beach Towels sent to us for review would be so useful. How? Well here goes. In order to give an honest review, we used the Teasalte Towel in the most herculean way possible (you don’t need extra efforts to do that when you have two super active kids to explore all possibilities of using a new product).

Tesalate Towels

Staycation Ideas with Tesalate Towels

  1. A picnic in the balcony

Oh yes! You heard it right. Lots of yummy snacks and eatables, some board games, books and family, of course, is all you need to enjoy a picnic in your balcony or patio. Lying down on the Tesalate Beach Towel (because it is dust resistant and very easy to clean), not worrying about dust and stains and the laundry to be done later coz its super light and compact, will give you another reason to have a blast with your kids right in your balcony or backyard.

  1. Stargazing


Imagine you are on the pastures absorbing the beauty of the night sky and wondering when you might see a shooting star? We missed the pastures this time but thanks to our Tesalate Beach Towel, heading off to the terrace in the evening to have a look at the amazing expanse of the starry sky gave a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. After all, that’s what you want when you are on a vacation right?

  1. Rain dance and swimming

Do you have a garden hose to let out that shower and groove to some music? Well then, rain dance it is! A small inflatable family pool can be a great heat buster for kids or if you have a large one, for the whole family. Enjoy the resort-style swim and shower and chill out with a Mojito on a Tesalate Beach Towel.

  1. Camping

indoor camping

Children love to play pretend. A pretend camping tent would be all they need to keep themselves occupied in this time where going outdoors seems difficult. Layout your Tesalate Beach Towel, hoist four sticks from four corners (we used a tent) to make a tepee. Toss in some books, snacks and let the children have fun in their very own tent/tepee. This would be a great indoor activity for kids.

  1. Reading/family Board Games

Throw some cushions on your Tesalate Beach Towel, lie back and relax as you read your favourite book or play your favourite family board game or cards. You can also enjoy a movie night as you lie down and relax.

Why should you use Tesalate Towels?

1.Chic design

Tesalate Towels


We absolutely loved the look and feel of the towel. It is super stylish and beautiful. It’s a trendy design which can grab eyeballs easily. We got the double-sized  ‘towel for two’ but it’s really big enough for a family of four to chill out on.

2.Multiple uses

Tesalate towels can serve as a gym towel, a yoga mat, beach towel and can also be used for so many fun things as mentioned in the staycation ideas. When the whole dimensions of life are changing, why consider it only as a beach towel? A change in perspective is all it takes to have fun.

3.Super absorbent and instant drying

Who loves to spend a day scrubbing towels and mats clean after children’s play or fun activities?  Tesalate towels are can survive crazy sandy beach outings as well as all your messy yet memorable fun time activities at home. Just a quick wash and they will dry up so easily, you would be good to go very soon. They are sand free (unbelievably sand-free), super absorbent and dry so quickly.

4. Lightweight and compact

No more fretting over limited space in travel bags as Tesalate Towels come in a very chic looking compact drawstring bag that can easily fit in small spaces. It is lightweight and can be easy to use for all family members, whether big or small.

5. It can help you create wonderful family memories

Well, you will not think twice about getting messy with your kids anymore. You can easily enjoy your quality family time without having to think of cleaning dirty mats or rugs. This trendy yet functional towel can give you awesome memories for life. No stopping now!

6. Tesalate towels are crafted with love!

I loved the way the Tesalate offers free return or exchange for their products (including return shipping across the world). No questions asked. They are so sure about the quality they offer.

This is what I found on their website:

We want you to love your Tesalate towel. If you don’t, return it or exchange it for free even if you have used it. No questions asked. We’ll even pay for return shipping.

We stand behind our product and know you’ll love it.

Simply contact us and we will send you a return label.

To buy your Tesalate Towel head over to https://worldwide.tesalate.com/

There are many possibilities of having a wonderful staycation. A positive approach towards life is all you need to get the ideas rolling. We enjoyed our staycation, thanks to our favourite buddy, Tesalate  Towel. I bet you will never regret your decision of buying it.

Happy Staycation!#BlogchatterAtoZ

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