Age-Wise Requirement of Sleep for Children

Healthy sleep, as we know, is an integral part of development for all. When it comes to children, the smaller they are, the more sleep they need. While there is no rigid guide that can help us determine precisely how much a child at different stages of age sleeps, a general outline given below would be helpful to gain an idea about it:

New-born babies  (Up to 3 months)       : 17 to 19 hours

Infants (Up to 11 months)                           : 13 to 15 hours

Toddlers (1 to 2 years)                                  : 11 to 14 hours

Pre-schoolers (3 to 5 years)                       : 10 to 13 hours     

School-going children (6 to 13 years)   : 10 to 11 hours

Teenagers (14 to 17 years)                          : 8 to 10 hours     


Medical experts advise parents to make sure the above sleep pattern groupings for children are adhered to thoroughly. Although children’s need for sleep tends to vary, getting kids to sleep as per the number of hours recommended shouldn’t be compromised upon.

Kids and Sleep in Today’s Times- What Parents need to Watch out for

Today’s fast-paced world has made good sleep nothing short of a luxury; in fact, it has become  elusive for most of us. There are times when even children are unable to sleep sufficiently, and an alarming rise in its occurrence is being seen these days. A number of reasons account for children not getting the necessary amount of sleep, which includes health issues, studies and now use of electronic gadgets, especially smart phones. Even so, it is crucial that we make sure our kids don’t miss out adequate amount of sleep. It would be an understatement to just state that sleep is of great importance for their overall well-being, growth and development. Fact is, sleep is vital for virtually every aspect of health and consciousness in order to function normally, at all levels for children and adults alike. Make a note of the things that find are hampering your child’s sleep and develop a way to do away.

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