Why should you talk to your school-aged kids about sex?

Even before parents know it, children are exposed to information about sex from various sources like peers, media, friends etc. The information sought by them or available to them may not give them the scientific and value-based understanding of the subject. To avoid this and to instil good values, parents must talk to their children about sex. Sex education is not an option, it is a necessity.

Children get naturally curious about sex as they grow older and enter middle school. That’s because of the increase in their scope of understanding and their curiosity about ‘how babies are born?’, ‘ ‘why is an adult body different than a child’s?’ etc.

Here are five reasons why you should talk to your kids about sex:

  1. Sex education is ‘essential’

Research says that children who are given sex education are less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours at a young age. Body shaming, pornography, obscene media sources can alter the way children or teens perceive sex. So, sex education at home is a much safer option available to parents.

  1. Making children aware of family values

Every family likes to instil a set of values that they would like their children to follow. Making children aware of family values of integrity, faithfulness, socially desirable behaviour is possible by talking to children about sex while in middle school. Also, consider spending quality time with children as this will get them to trust you and open up about their feelings. Encourage children to speak up about their problems.

  1. It is not just the responsibility of schools

Schools generally conduct sessions on sex education when the children are between 7th -9th grade. A one-time session would not be enough to satisfy the curiosity or doubts children have at this stage of adolescence. Having parents as guides, friends can give a sense of security and wellbeing, thus creating a trust factor between parents and children.

  1. Making children aware of sexual abuse

Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse if they lack the required knowledge about good touch and bad touch. Knowing what a good touch is and bad touch can make children aware of sexually undesirable behaviours of strangers (even friends and relatives).

5. They are vulnerable to trust people blindly

A bar of chocolate, toy or any gifts and goodies may be enough to lure children (younger ones ) into falling prey to ill-minded strangers. Awareness about sexual abuse is the key to put them on their guard and not trust people blindly.

To find the time to do this inevitable and essential task of talking to your children about sexual abuse and provide them with the proper sexual literacy.

Happy Parenting!


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  1. I completely agree to talk to kids timely before they grasp information from external sources. I have a teenager at home and a preschooler, I’m open to them and have discussed sex education with the elder one. Although it was not an easy discussion, in which school books helped me a lot.


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