Secret tips to teach English to your child at home

In today’s era of success, all parents want their children to speak good English. Taking fluently in English requires a lot of practice. Nowadays even in schools, the emphasis is being given to children to speak English.

The question of most parents is how to teach our children to talk in English? Parents say they are sending children to good English Medium school and also giving English tuition to their children. But still, parents say that their children do not speak English so well.

This is because children are not able to learn everything in school or tuition alone. Here we will discuss some points that will help you to teach your children learning how to talk English fluency.

Home Learning:

There is a very popular saying that the first school of a child is its mother. Mother or other family members should start saying small English words to the child as he turns around 1 and 2 years old. At that age, they cant repeat what you said but they only listen and remember those words and later use those words.
If you want that your child will develop something good habits then first you need to develop it in yourself.

1)Asking questions:

To teach your child to talk in English with fluency then you need to first start talking in English with your children. Ask them questions in English like, ‘how was your day at school?’, ‘what are you doing?’, ‘what do you want to eat?’, ‘can you please do this for me?’, ‘what is your name?’ etc.

If you ask them regular questions in English they will also build a habit of asking you in English.

2)Set a target:

Set your target to teach how much words per week to your child according to your baby’s age.
start teaching those targeted words repeatedly in a day and explain it by using sentences to your child.

Teaching repeatedly don’t mean to bore your child, if you did then he/she will refuse to
learn daily and avoid you. Reading good books according to the age of your child can help immensely. So be careful about it.

3)Teach new words:

Teach new words to your child, it will increase their vocabulary. Not only tell them new words but also teach their meaning and uses. By doing this they will develop a habit of learning new words and using them.
After teaching new word use it in your sentences so your child will better understand the meaning of it.
New words mean not difficult words as it may be familiar to you but not your child.

Make sure not to blow many words at the same time because it will confuse them a, so make it a one by one process.

4)Visual learning plays a vital role:

Children grasp more in visual learning than only listening and teaching. Most of the school are nowadays adopting the method of visual learning. So why not we mothers also start to give visual learning at home. It is a good idea to show videos in the English language rather than your local language.

In the world of technology, children love to watch cartoons, kids movies, rhymes, stories, etc on mobile phone or television screen. So allow them to watch informational videos and cartoons whatever they want to watch but in English.

It will increase their vocabulary and they will easily learn to make sentences and to talk in English. But be careful not to give mobile phones or tablets too much to your children because it is not good for your child’s health.

6)Other family members involvement:

Apart from a mother, other family members should also do conversation in English to the child.
Tell siblings to speak English with each other.

If your child receives this environment then he/she will easily start learning English at home.

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