Prenatal Visit with a Paediatrician- Why not to miss it?

For expectant parents, the list of to-do’s can be very long. From finding the perfect colour and decor for the nursery or researching the best bottles for the baby, there is a lot to prepare for. However, many parents miss a very important aspect in preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy, a prenatal visit to a paediatrician.

Why is a prenatal visit with the paediatrician important?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) visiting a paediatrician before giving birth is essential for giving your unborn baby a boost when it comes to good health.

Prenatal Pediatrician visit gives an opportunity to ask questions, clear doubts especially for first-time parents and build a trusted relationship with your child’s doctor. It also gives the provider an opportunity to cover important frequently asked questions on topics like vaccines, breastfeeding,  bathing, bed-sharing, diaper use, newborn screen, how to calm crying baby, delivery room care & expectations, car seats, and even postpartum depression and other family issues.

According to the AAP, a prenatal visit with the paediatrician is especially helpful for first-time parents and those who are facing a high high-risk pregnancy, experiencing complications, expecting more than one child, or in the process of adopting a child.

Parents get an opportunity to really focus on any questions and concerns they may have. They can talk with a paediatrician before the fatigue of new parenthood sets in and there’s an adorably distracting little human in their arms who may be crying, spitting up, or in immediate need of feeding or a diaper change.

It’s a very joyful as well as emotional time and there are a lot of questions new parents have, and when they come in for the first time with their new baby, sometimes they’re a little bit stressed and overwhelmed, So we definitely encourage people to seek us out and meet us ahead of time so that we can kind of lay a plan for them for the first few months of life and they know a little bit better what to expect.

During this prenatal Pediatrician visit,  every parent to be should ask every question they want to ask regarding their baby. There are many queries newbie Parents may have, it’s better to ask Pediatrician directly instead of frantically searching the internet for information, which can be misleading, incomplete and sometimes scary.

A prenatal visit is about laying a foundation for a trusting, supportive relationship between the family and their paediatrician, who will work together to keep the child healthy for the next 18 or 20 years.

When should you schedule a prenatal visit?

The third trimester of pregnancy is the best time to meet Pediatrician while baby still in the womb and you can learn how to care for and handle the baby after delivery.

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Dr Vishal Parmar


A paediatrician for more than 10 years, he has worked at the reputed Wadia Children hospital

& SRCC children hospital Mumbai.

Will be available for prenatal Visits for expecting Parents on an appointment basis.

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