In Desperate Need of a Break? How to Get a Fussy Newborn to Sleep

Are you wondering how to get your newborn to sleep?

You are not alone. Infant sleep is a complicated subject. While newborns spend most of the day sleeping, they only sleep in short segments.

Added to that, many newborns don’t know how to fall asleep, even when they are showing signs of sleepiness. This results in a fussy newborn, exhausted parent, and frustration all around.

Fortunately, putting your newborn to sleep can be a fairly simple process. By using a few tips and making a few lifestyle changes, you can gently encourage your baby to sleep.

If you are dealing with a fussy newborn who can’t seem to fall asleep, this guide is for you.

Focus Solely on Sleep

One tip for helping your newborn to sleep is to focus solely on their sleep. Take a few weeks to focus on learning how to get your baby to sleep. While pressing pause might feel unnecessary, directing your focus will ultimately lead to quick results.

Cultivate Your Baby’s Internal Clock

Newborn babies do not have pre-programmed internal clocks the way older children and adults do. This is a great advantage because it means you can help create your baby’s sleep patterns.

You can do this by giving your baby environmental cues about the time of day. Expose them to natural light and activity during the day. Reserve your nights for quiet, amber lighting, and sleep.

Create a Bedtime Ritual

Do you think your newborn is too young for a bedtime ritual? Think again.

If you are dealing with a crying newborn who can’t seem to fall asleep, consider creating a bedtime routine. You can do this by taking 30-45 minutes before bed to make your baby feel as comfortable, reassured, secure, and happy as possible.

Limit Sleep to One Area of the Home

A great tip for helping your newborn sleep is to limit sleep to one area of the home. This starts to create a habit for your baby and will encourage sleep whenever you are in the “sleeping area” of your home.

Try Swaddling

Swaddling mimics the feeling of being in the womb, which is why swaddling your baby has many benefits. To help your baby fall asleep, consider swaddling them directly before bedtime. If you are not sure how to swaddle your baby, here is a guide to help you.

Use a White Noise Machine

If you need to soothe your fussy baby and encourage them to sleep, try using a white noise machine. White noise mimics the sounds your baby heard in the womb, which can help them drift to sleep.

Use These Tips to Get a Fussy Newborn to Sleep

By using these tips, you can put your fussy newborn right to sleep.

Start by focusing solely on sleep. You should also cultivate your baby’s internal clock, use amber lighting, and create a bedtime ritual. Make sure to limit sleep to one area of the home, try swaddling, and use a white noise machine.

Follow these tips to get help your newborn fall asleep.

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