How to save Money on your Holiday Cards this year

One of the ways to stay in touch with your people is through holiday cards. You probably want to hear from your friends, both those who are far and around you. Now that 2020 Christmas holiday is approaching fast, it can be expensive to send holiday cards out to friends and family especially if you have a tight Christmas budget.

If this defines your situation, here are some effective tips to save lots of money on Holiday luncheon Invitation this year. 

Shorten the list

One sure way of saving money on your Holiday cards in 2020 is to shorten the holiday card list. There are many ways to shorten the list. Firstly, cross off the names of all the people you haven’t heard from for years and those you see every day and can wish them holiday wishes in person. That includes the relatives you live close to, the neighbors, your workmates and other people you see on weekly basis. Its Christmas and you must have the best time with your friends and relatives. However, you can also cross off the names of mean relatives and old bosses or even other people that you don’t like. I mean you don’t have to beat yourself up over excluding the names of some of the people. Send holiday cards to the people you care about and those close to your heart. 

Send holiday Postcards

You can get the cards that you received several years ago and if there are no writings on the reverse side of the picture, cut the back and that way you have a card. Eventually, get the postcard stamps from the post office. You can now address the cards and put a short message in the space that is remaining on the sides. This will definitely save you time and money. 

Make the card Digital

If you have a tight holiday budget, switch to a digital holiday card. You can actually email a family picture and an annual letter out to the friends and relatives. I have seen some relatives come up with a creative video montage of their year and publish it on their channels or even send the video to everyone. This way, you save significantly on money and time. So, make a digital Christmas card or a digital holiday card that is thoughtful and personal and send it to everyone. 

Hand Deliver to locals

You definitely have local friends and relatives on your list and you can cut the cost of sending by easily hand delivering it to them. Delivering door to door will not be a cheap alternative but to people that you can see daily such as workmates and neighbors, it will automatically be cost-effective to hand deliver. Some churches put boxes at the door and people can drop their holiday cards here. Every Sunday congregants usually check with their last name to get any Christmas mail to their relatives and friends.

Get a good deal

The last method of saving on Holiday cards is to get a great deal online. There are currently loads of great deals and promotions on photos and holiday cards. To get a good deal, get the picture early so that you can have time to utilize all the deals that are available. Check out more often for deals and freebies. There are actually great deals yearly for photo holiday cards. Eventually, don’t be afraid to diversify. The fact is that you might find 10 free cards from a company and a great deal for 20 cards from another. You don’t have to get all the cards from one provider, take time to check for deals and diversify. 

Who has the best deals on Holiday Cards?

You might be wondering where to get your printed holiday card or how to go about it. There are many providers online that can actually make it easy for you in this process. Just take time to shop around and make a good decision. Save the money on Holiday cards this year by sending family holiday letter by email or post it on your blog or message to your Facebook friends. You can as well do this by drop off cards in-person to all your local folks. 

Happy Holidays!

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