Let teenagers create their own space with fun self-stick wallpapers

Most parents don’t understand the importance of letting their teens make their own decisions especially when it comes to creating their own spaces. For most teenagers, doing chores is a tiresome affair. But remember that for a household to run smoothly, everybody should have their own individuality. In most instances, children and teenagers wants to implement their specific ideas especially in spaces they live. So how do you get your teen daughter or son make decisions about their living spaces?Here are some of the best ideas that you can implement to help them create their unique spaces with self-stick wallpaper

Let them decide on a fun Theme

You first have to give your teen enough freedom to gather inspirations for their rooms from Blogs, decorating websites and magazines. They have to take time to choose and decide on a fun theme. As a parent, you will be expected to set a Budget and design a bedroom theme that will include desk accessories, wallpaper walls and accent furniture. This is exactly what will make your bedroom feel more modern and trendy. 

Add Vibrant Wallpaper

Some parents are very nervous about letting their teens paint their walls with bright colors. If you are this kind of a parent, consider geometric shapes wallpapers. Encourage them to add stick-on wallpapers for a bold pop color. The best thing about self-stick wallpapers is that they can be changed any time of the year. Choose decals, accent walls and stencils with Washi tape. These are additional design tricks that can be used to upgrade the room. 

The ceiling is as important

If you want to help your teen create a unique bedroom, then you should spare some time to decorate the ceiling. You can use wallpapers for ceiling or paint a fun pattern on the ceiling. Some parents choose to switch out light fixtures for upgrades. I also recommend updating your teen’s room with an elegant chandelier or even some other modern lighting fixtures. 

Let them be creative

The fact is that temporary wallpapers can be used in a couple of ways. Consequently, you should give your son or daughter enough freedom to be creative. They can consider creating affordable large scale prints or even create a faux headboard. 

Teach them how to apply the self-stick wallpapers

When you’re applying wallpapers, there are many challenges that you are very likely to encounter. For that reason, you have to spare quality time and teach your teenage son or daughter how to apply the wallpapers. During the application process, they should start with the top part of the wallpapers. Immediately after this, they should consider peeling away the back a little bit at a time. Some wallpaper is incredibly forgiving but not all of them will work as needed. 

The walls should be clean and smooth

Lastly, it’s a  fact that removable wallpapers will only work best on a clean and a smooth surface. Accordingly, you should always ensure that the Wallpapers are free of Bumps. You can as well use a damp towel to clean them before application. 

Happy decorations!Happy Parenting!

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