7 Highly Rated Best Baby Products in India to Buy on Amazon in 2020

It’s not easy being parents to newborn babies. You constantly worry about their well being. In this regard, the buying quality of baby products becomes extremely important. The products must be medically certified and make babies feel comfortable on their skin. Here are some best baby products in India that all parents trust without giving any second thoughts.

Pampers Combo Pack

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 The Pampers combo pack is a fantastic deal for parents as it comes with 76 medium-sized diaper pants and 64 baby wipes. While the baby diapers have a powerful 3-layer absorption channel, the wipes provide a thorough cleaning. The diaper layers help lock moisture up to 12 hours without leakage, preventing skin rashes and irritation. Simultaneously both the diapers and wipes are coated with baby lotion for ensuring your baby’s soft and supple skin.


Double leak guard with aloe vera lotion Fragile diaper layers
Natural top-most layer with cotton-like softness
Magic gel absorbs wetness for 12 hours
Mild refreshing scent

Himalaya Baby Lotion

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The Himalaya Baby Lotion is rich in almond oil, licorice, olive oil, and many other natural ingredients. The ingredients help your baby’s skin stay soft, supple, and healthy even during the harshest winters. Using it after bath is most preferred as it helps prevent chafing due to excessive drying of their skin. It comes with a mild refreshing scent that is safe for both newborns and infants up to 10 years of age.


Helps in bone development and prevents skin infections Not waterproof
Rich in anti-microbial properties
Prevents itching, redness, swelling
Free from parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colors

Johnson’s Baby Wipes with lid

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Johnson’s Baby wipes are best for your baby’s sensitive skin as they are 100 percent alcohol and paraben-free. The pure water-based formula makes it a better choice for wiping their delicate skin. It helps get rid of spots or food stains from their skin and retain moisture after the cleaning. The wipes are clinically mildness proven, which offers better protection against skin rashes and redness.

Fliptop to keep wipes dry Comparatively stronger scent
Alcohol and Soap-free
Clinical mildness is proven
5 level safety assurance

Beybee Quick Dry Bed Protector Waterproof Baby Cot Sheet- Small (Beige) 

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The Beybee Waterproof bed protector sheet is best for families with newborns and infants. The material is pure cotton and 100% waterproof. The sheet can be put above the bed to prevent leakage of urine or any other fluid into the mattress. The fabric is super-soft and skin-friendly and is washable by both hands or machines. The thin material also makes it easy to dry as compared to other protector bed sheets.

Waterproof cotton fabric Size issues
Features allergy protection
Low maintenance
Can be used for multiple purposes

Himalaya Herbals Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap

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The Himalaya Herbals Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap is one of the best baby products in India during winter. It possesses the power of almond oil, milk, Indian Aloe, and many other natural ingredients. While almond oil and milk ensures healthy skin, the Indian Aloe prevents chafing in winter. The soap, when applied, gives a creamy foam and provides thorough cleaning. In case the foam gets into your baby’s eyes, there is no burning sensation, as it is entirely organic.

No dryness Size is comparatively smaller
Antimicrobial properties
Gives a mild scent
Best for winter

Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste

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The Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste bears high-quality natural ingredients, including xylitol, aloe vera, stevia, etc. With daily usage, the toothpaste can help fight against tooth decay and plaque formation and provide relief from sore gums. It comes with a sweet strawberry flavor and hence is much preferred amongst small kids. The toothpaste doesn’t bear Fluoride, SLS, paraben, phthalates, and petrochemical products. So, there are no side effects in case your child accidentally swallows it.

Tastes like strawberry Not suitable for newborns with neonatal diabetes
Free of Fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Strengthens gums and teeth formation
Relieves discomfort due to sore gums


Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash cream Check on Amazon

This cream from Himalaya is an excellent product to prevent and manage diaper rashes in babies. It is infused with powerful herbs such as Indian Aloe, Almond, a five-leaved chaste tree (Nirgundi), and Indian Madder (Manjistha). Just apply the cream around the rashes and where the diaper touches your baby’s skin. You will start to see the effect on the first day and expect a complete recovery in a week. It also offers relief from fissures and erosions.

Shows results in the first application The cream is a bit sticky
Infused with powerful herbs
Free from Parabens and Synthetic colors
Relieves fissures and erosions


Let’s know if you want to suggest any other best baby products in India for this list. Any quality advice will help other parents make even better choices for their babies.

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