What are the various ADHD treatments available for your child?

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a type of disorder that affects the brain and the behaviour of a child. Although there is no cure exact cure for the disorder there are some ADHD treatments that can be effective in checking the progression of the disease in the long run.


Here we will give you an idea of the various types of ADHD treatment options-

Stimulus and non-stimulus medications

There are various medicines that you as a parent need to sit with the doctor and find out what is the right type of medicine for your children. 

CNS stimulations

Various types of medicines stimulate the CNS or the Central Nervous System. These are some of the most commonly adhered drugs for ADHD treatment. 

These drugs increase the level of dopamine hormone and norepinephrine hormone in the brain. This helps your child to concentrate and focus better on the work being done by your child. 

CNS stimulants include-

  • Amphetamine stimulants such as Adderall, Dextrostat
  • Dextromethamphetamine stimulants such as Desoxyn and much more

Non-stimulating medicines

These medicines work by increasing the levels of norepinephrine in your child’s brain. These stimulants include-

  • Atomoxetine
  • Antidepressants like Nortriptyline

What are the treatments for ADHD?

There are various therapeutic ADHD treatments that include-


Psychotherapy treatments help you to open up your child’s feelings. A psychotherapy expert doing this work, in the long run, this can be highly beneficial. Even this can help to make the relationship between a parent and a child better. It can also help in your child making and understanding the importance of making better decisions in the future. 

Behavioural therapy

This type of ADHD treatment focuses on inculcating the right type of behaviour in your children. It must be also done by a behavioural therapy expert that is quite different than a psychotherapy expert. 

In this type of therapy, you along with the behavioural expert work together in helping your child to adapt to certain conditions and also make certain behavioural changes that help them behave better in certain responses. 

Making your child learn social skills

Apart from learning the various social skills, it is an important aspect of ADHD treatment to learn the various social skills as well. This makes your child more open to society and helps them to interact well with society. There are so many things to understand when making your child learn the various intractable social skills such as being patient and the ability to share anything with others. 

Learning parenting skills

Apart from this, ADHD treatments for your child also depend a lot on your parenting skills. For example, the things that are mentioned above such as behavioural therapy and making your child learn the various social skills will depend a lot on your skills. These are simple things that you can learn from the expert and also make your child learn at home. This not only brings about a feeling of togetherness but also improves the parent-child relationship.

As a parent, your role is highly crucial in the successful ADHD treatment of your child. It is always to be remembered at all times that a parent can help their child interact better and make them open to society. Your child is now safe and sound in your care!

For bettering your child’s ADHD problem you have to make your child adapt to certain daily chores and form routines. This helps them to adapt better to the normal living lifestyle. This will help them to adapt to a society that will be beneficial in the long-term treatment of your ADHD. 

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