5 Ways to Make Breast Pumping Easier

It’s no secret that breastfeeding can stand tough adding pumping into the mix can be so downright daunting. Thankfully, there are methods to make breast pumping easier so that you can continue to provide your little one with the best nutrition possible.

This article share five tips and tricks for making it easier.

 1. Invest in a Good Quality Breast Pump

One of the best things you can do is invest in a good quality breast pump. One way is to use a hands-free pumping bra. It will allow you to pump without holding the pump flanges in place.

Another one is a portable pump. It will allow you to pump anywhere, even if you don’t have access to an outlet. View this portable pump to learn more!

 2. Learn How to Use Your Breast Pump

If you are using a breast pump for the first time or if you have never used a breast pump before, it is important to learn how to use your breast pump efficiently. Make sure that you are using the correct size flange.

If the flange is too small, it will be uncomfortable, and you may not get enough milk. If the flange is too large, you may get too much milk.

If you’re using a manual breast pump, pump one breast at a time. If you are using an electric breast pump, you can pump both breasts at the same time. Pump for 10-15 minutes, or until you have expressed enough milk.

Be sure to check and follow the instructions of your pump for easier pumping.

 3. Create a Breast Pumping Schedule

Breastfeeding mum should create a pumping schedule and stick with it. It will help you have a set time for pumping and keep track of when you need to pump and how much milk you need to pump.

If you work outside the home, try to pump during your lunch break or right after work. If you are home with your baby, pump when your baby is sleeping or when someone else can watch your baby.

 4. Make Sure You Have the Right Accessories

Be sure to have all of the necessary pumping accessories before you start pumping, such as bottles, milk storage bags, breast pads, clean pump parts, comfortable nursing bras, and a pumping station.

Pumping stations are great for keeping all your pumping supplies organized and within easy reach. If you are sore from pumping, try using a comfort gel pad.

 5. Clean Your Pump

To keep your pump kit clean, clean your breast pump and all your pumping equipment regularly. It will help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep your breast milk fresh. If you have to pump in a public restroom, bring along some wipes and clean the pump before and after each use.

Store the milk in a clean, dry container. Keep a cooler bag with ice packs handy for storing and transporting your milk.

Breast milk can be kept safely at room temperature 77º F or colder for up to four hours, in a cooler with ice packs for 24 hours, and in the refrigerator for up to four days. Don’t forget to label.

Make It Work for You

If you’re struggling to make breast pumping work for you, talk to a lactation consultant for help.

While some solutions may not apply to your particular situation and personal tastes, we hope you got something out of these breast-pumping tips and suggestions.

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